Rachelle DiGregorio, Digital Strategist
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Achieve the Core

Website: AchievetheCore.org

Agency: Wondersauce



Lead our team of four through UX and design sprints, user testing, then front- and back-end development for the restructure and refresh of the Achievethecore.org, a site that 1 in 5 teachers use to improve their instruction (HBR, p 12). One month post-launch, key success metrics shifted as the restructure had intended: +188% account creation (continued with a 20% increase for more than 6 months) and 25% less search activity meaning more people were finding the resources they were looking using the site's navigation. 


The retainer project continued with periodic assessments of key metrics as well as feature updates across all of the organization's sites and digital tools.

Top to bottom:  The Coaching Tool  brings teacher observation online.  The Academic Word Finder  helps English teachers identify the teachable words in their texts.  The Coherence Map  visualizes curriculum for Math teachers.

Top to bottom: The Coaching Tool brings teacher observation online. The Academic Word Finder helps English teachers identify the teachable words in their texts. The Coherence Map visualizes curriculum for Math teachers.

design support

Aside from the digital work, our team was responsible for much of the organization's branding and promotional material.

Custom logo system   and materials created for the organization's teacher network.

Custom logo system and materials created for the organization's teacher network.



Website: Lavanila.com

Agency: Wondersauce

Took over leadership on a full-service partnership with growing natural beauty brand, Lavanila. Partnered with the client team to establish digital KPIs, positioning for new products, and strategy for key marketing moments like deodorant season (late spring / summer) and holiday gifting. Lead our team across various work streams (below):

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Optimizing Lavanila's site to include more information about products, a more in-depth and educational Ingredients page, a rewards program for frequent buyers, and a streamlined purchasing process. Regularly checking and reports on key metrics in order to inform further optimizations.

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Designing packaging for new products, modernizing legacy products, and positioning new products for specific markets or retailers. The team's product work can be seen on Lavanila’s website, as well as on and offline in many retailers including Sephora, Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, and Whole Foods.

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Growing Lavanila’s reach beyond loyal fans and driving mass awareness. Creating the strategy and content for new product debuts as well as specific brand announcements or marketing pushes, such as Holiday Gifting. Managing all aspects of Lavanila’s social presence

See the work: Lavanila on Instagram

Sport luxe / Demand better BRAND VIDEO

Creating multiple videos for Lavanila’s brand. Our largest production (above) was a showcase of Lavanila’s Sport Luxe Deodorant called “Demand Better." The video was created to inspire active people to demand as much from their deodorant as they do from themselves and show that natural ingredients can stand up to tough workouts.


YouTube Social & Digital Strategy

Agency: Big Spaceship


Partnered with Vic Pineiro (now SVP of Social Media at Big Spaceship) to start the agency's social media practice on our first client: YouTube. We began the YouTube project creating Facebook posts, and over two years, grew the project and team to be creating worldwide trending moments and award-winning work for the biggest brand on social media (150 million+ social followers).

As the team came together and YouTube's marketing budget multiplied, my role focused on developing the social strategy for key marketing moments (sampled below) and guiding the team through execution and measurement. It was and continues to be an amazing team balancing crazy marketing ideas with badass daily social media work.


Social strategy for launch of YouTube's year-in-review video celebrating all of 2014's trends.

  • #YouTubeRewind organically trended globally within 1.5 hours of the announcement
  • 4 billion estimated impressions and 177,080 mentions on launch day

  • 22% increase in YOY positive sentiment

See my work: Strategy Deck + Recap Report


Social strategy for YouTube's female empowerment campaign, #DearMe, where YouTubers shared messages to their younger selves.

See my work: Social Strategy Deck

Screen Shot 2016-12-14 at 12.57.33 PM.png


 Pitched and created a single-serve microsite for mind-blowing science facts as part of YouTube's Beacon campaign for the top channel, SciShow.

  • Made it to the front page of Reddit on launch day

Try it out:  isyourmindblown.com

Background on the project and team's approach


Story of youtube / big Spaceship partnership

“Our relationship with YouTube grew in a unique way, and evolved quite organically,” says [Big Spaceship CEO] Lebowitz. He recounts the unexpected twists that brought the two companies together . . . " 

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"1. There is no such thing as free advertising
2. Keep things in real time
3. Don't be thirsty . . . " 

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Big & Lil Chill

Agency: Big Spaceship

Worked on the winning team for Big Spaceship's 2015 Hack Day – a one day, all-hands-on-deck event to develop a tech-first idea for the agency's new office space. Our project, Big & Lil Chill, created a permanent home for meditation and rest within the office. One day of teamwork resulted in a presentation to the agency including primary and secondary research, a case for meditation's ROI, an execution plan, and a live demo.

Covered by PSFK Chill Office Space Offers You Customizable Meditation


Self-Tracking Thesis Project

Published as a chapter in Emerging Research and Trends in Gamification, August 2015

My final year of college was dedicated to creating something to sum up my educational journey - a senior thesis. In an effort to bring together my diverse academic interests in math, advertising, and design (and satisfy my personal curiosity), my project focused on the concept and community around personal data, self-tracking, and the Quantified Self movement.

The goal of my research was to understand the mainstream perceptions of self-tracking tools, specifically those focused on physical activity. My work pulled information and insight from a variety of fields: persuasive technology, self-tracking and behavior change theory, technology acceptance theory, fitness quantification theory, and concepts like ubiquitous computing and the internet of things. I also conducted a 200 person survey to get a first-hand look at perceptions of self-tracking. I defended my thesis in May 2013 and passed with distinction (the highest mark).

See my thesis presentation and notes below: